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Adelaja Augustine Alade
Adeyemi Mustapha BAMGBOSE
Abimbola Oladele OSO
Babatunde Adewale ADEWUMI
Nnamdi Mbanefo ANIGBOGU


This study was conducted to investigate the effects of including Zymomonas mobilis-treated sawdust (ZTSD) as unconventional feed in broiler chicken diets for 56 days by observing the haematology, serum metabolites, carcass characteristics and sensory evaluation. A total of 375, 1-day old broiler chicks were randomly assigned into 5 groups, each with 5 replicates of 15 birds each in a Completely Randomized Design for the study. Five diets containing untreated and treated sawdust were formulated to replace wheat offal at 0, 50 and 100 % at starter and finisher phases. At the starting phase, the broiler chickens, fed 100 % untreated sawdust-based diet (UTSD), had highest (p < 0.05) values for packed cell volume (PCV), red blood cell (RBC) and lymphocytes. Whereas the birds, fed 100 % Zymomonas mobilis-treated based diet (ZTSD), had the highest value for white blood cell (WBC). The finishing broiler chickens, fed 50 % UTSD, had the highest values for total protein (TP), albumin, globulin and uric acid, while the birds on 50 % ZTSD had the least values for TP and albumin. The birds, fed 50 % ZTSD, had highest (p < 0.05) value for liver, while the highest value of the whole gastrointestinal tract was observed at the group with 100 % ZTSD. The control group had the highest value for the overall acceptability of the meat. In conclusion, the inclusion of ZTSD improved PCV, Hb, RBC, TP and blood glucose. ZTSD, given at 50 %, increased the breast, thigh, drumstick and back of the broiler chickens. The application 100 % UTSD and 100 % ZTSD increased the sensory attributes of the meat.

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