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Emilia Hanusova
Marta Oravcová
Anton Hanus
Cyril Hrnčár


The aim of our study was to compare laying characteristics and egg weight of three different Oravka hen lines (OR 1, OR 2, OR 3) during two years. Hens were kept outdoor in a heatless hen-house with a covered yard. Feeding and watering were ad libitum. They were fed with a standard feed mixture with 11.7 MJ ME and 200.0 g NL. Basic statistics for average laying per hen and laying intensity (%) was done for each Oravka line indicating that these characteristics tended to be higher in year 2017 than in year 2018. The statistical model for egg weight included effects of line, month of laying and interaction line x month of laying. Data were analysed separately for each year. Only line (genotype) had significant effect on egg weight, the remaining effects were not significant. In year 2017 the highest egg weight had line OR 3 (58.61 ± 0.30 g), the lowest egg weight had line OR 1 (57.32 ± 0.31 g), (P = 0.010). In year 2018 the highest egg weight had line OR 1 (60.64 ± 0.33 g), the lowest egg weight had line OR 3 (58.72 ± 0.37 g), (P = 0.005).

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