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Daniel Buša
Marián Macháč
Andrej Baláži
Andrea Svoradová
Jaromír Vašíček
Rastislav Jurčík
Peter Chrenek


In the present study, fresh ram sperm samples (n = 52) from the Native Wallachian (NW; n = 26) and Improved Wallachian (IW; n = 26) Slovak sheep breeds were collected from males of each breed by electro-ejaculation and analysed for motility using CASA and morphology using light microscopy assessment. Our results showed no significant differences between the breeds (P ≤ 0.05) in the sperm concentration and motility traits (Table 1). Also both these ram groups did not differ (P ≤ 0.05) in sperm morphology parameters (Table 2). Since, this is only preliminary research, additional experiments using higher number of samples (rams) as well as other evaluation approaches are required in order to compare sperm characteristics for different breeds.

  • slovak rams
  • sperm
  • quality
  • motility
  • morphology
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