Biotechnology in the context of the 100-year history of Czechoslovakia: A review

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J. Bulla
E. Kubovičová
A. V. Makarevich
P. Chrenek
J. Pivko


In the context of Czechoslovak history, permanent institutional and state attention is evident in the possibilities of using biotechnology in industry, agriculture and pharmacy. In the hierarchy of time already in 1924 (28.12.1924) at the founding of the Czechoslovak Academy of Agriculture. In the 1950s of 20th century, an utmost importance in animal breeding was attributed to artificial insemination, as a biotechnique of intensification of the reproductive potential of livestock (cattle, pigs, horses and sheep). The issue of biotechnology in animal production is a permanent part of the research of the Department of Farm Animal Genetics and Reproduction at NPPC-RIAP Nitra. Laboratories of the department are focused on the research in fields of in vitro fertilization, molecular genetic analysis, transgenesis, generation of cloned (genetically identical) and chimeric individuals, stem cells and cryopreservation of reproductive cells to create a gene bank and preserve animal genetic diversity.

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