Analysis of genetic polymorphism of blood proteins and selected meat quality traits in rabbits

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We analysed genetic polymorphism of proteins in blood, evaluated selected parameters of meat quality in broiler rabbits of the line M 91, and detected statistically the relations between genotypes of individual polymorphous systems and parameters of meat quality. Polymorphous systems were realized as two allele systems (esterase 1, haemoglobin, albumin, alkaline phosphatase, and serum esterase); only the system ceruloplasmin was with three alleles. We detected low genetic variability of polymorphous systems, in four systems prevailed homozygotes BB and in system serum esterase homozygotes AA. The highest genetic variability was in the system ceruloplasmin and the highest heterozygosis was in the system haemoglobin. In polymorphous systems allele B had higher frequency than allele A, only in serum esterase system allele A prevailed slightly over allele B. Line M 91 was selected for meat performance; it attains suitable parameters for meat quality. Statistically significant higher content of proteins was detected from heterozygous genotypes AB in polymorphous systems alkaline phosphatase and esterase 1, and from homozygotes BB in the haemoglobin system. We confirmed statistically the influence of homozygotes BB in system ceruloplasmin, esterase 1 and serum esterase on meat colour. We found greater influence of allele B on protein content and meat colour in line M 91. We recommend use of the mentioned polymorphous systems in selection of meat lines of broiler rabbits.
  • rabbit
  • polymorphism
  • blood proteins
  • parameters of meat quality
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